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Our acrylic tapes are ideal for bonding: glass, clear plastics and other applications which require an invisible bond line. These foams are: soft, tacky and conformable, and acts as a very good seal and bonding tape.View our large range of Acrylic tapes

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What are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives?

What is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive?

Pressure Sensitive TapesA (PSA) Pressure Sensitive Tape is an adhesive tape which forms a bond when pressure is applied to it and holds well. PSA Tapes are perfect in a variety of different environments, depending on the adhesive formulation. No other material such as: water, UV or heat is required to form the bond.

Pressure sensitive adhesives can be applied to both sides of a substrate, to make a double sided PSA tape. Alternatively it can be applied to one side of a substrate to make a single sided pressure sensitive tape.

The adhesive can also be coated directly onto a release paper to form what is called a transfer tape. This can then be applied to any substrate with pressure, and this in turn makes that substrate self-adhesive once the release paper is then removed. Pressure sensitive tapes are formulated using one of the following adhesive types:

  • Hotmelt Rubber
  • Solvent immersed Rubber
  • Water immersed Acrylic
  • Solvent immersed Acrylic
  • Modified Acrylic (combination of acrylic & rubber)

What are Pressure Sensitive Tapes and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive used for?

Each of these formulations give different performance characteristics, and as a rule of thumb rubber adhesives tend to be used for more short term internal applications, whilst acrylics tend to be used for more long term external applications. This is due to their ability to withstand environments where UV light is present along with variations in temperature.

This type of adhesive is ideal for a multitude of different applications for the following reasons.

  1. They are quick and easy to use as no curing time is required, the bond is often instant
  2. They are cleaner to use than standard adhesives, the adhesive whilst remaining viscous do not bleed out and so no cleaning is required afterwards
  3. They are non-toxic and so there are no health & safety implications. This also means the tapes can be used anywhere
  4. The adhesive tapes being pre-formed often means no scrap rates, which helps to reduce costs
  5. These adhesive tapes can also be die-cut into specific shapes, and this often helps to speed up production/processing

The vast majority of our products are pressure-sensitive adhesives; but, we do also stock other variations as well.

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