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Cloth, Duct & Gaffa Tapes

What are Cloth, Duct & Gaffa Tapes?

Cloth, Duct & Gaffa Tapes

Our Cloth, Duct, & Gaffer tapes are primarily coated with polythene; which makes them waterproof. These tapes tend to be coated with strong calendared adhesives making them ideal for the more demanding engineering style applications.

Most of these adhesive tape products are constructed to be hand tearable, making them very user friendly particularly for the more hands on applications, where you might be sealing or bundling under difficult conditions, along with being waterproof.

PSA Solutions, are: Gaffa & Cloth Tape Suppliers based in Leicestershire, UK, and we have a large range of: Gaffa & Cloth Tape products at our premises ready to be despatched. If the Gaffa & Cloth Tapes you are looking for, do not appear in our shop please contact our sales team and we maybe able to have it despatched to you within 2 working days.

To find out more about gaffa taoes view this Wikipedia page.