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Boat Tape & Boat Builders Adhesives

Boat Tape & Boat Builders Adhesives

What is Boat Tape & Boat Builders Adhesives?

Boat Tape is ideal for wide variety of applications such as: heat reflection, cable and wire bundling, cable harnessing, proving waterproof seals, masking up for painting, tape ideal where self amalgamation is required, electrical wiring tape, carpet and flooring adhesive, protection films, to foam adhesive tape and many more light and heavy duty applications.

These have been designed and manufactured for heavy duty, long lasting, and quality in mind. For the professional and DIYer. As a result, these variations are not only high quality; but, also cheap, and come with bulk buying quantities. So the more you buy the more you save.

Third Party Video's of Boat Tape in use and being used

Please note: These videos are for informational purposes only, and the tapes used may be different variations than the ones we directly supply.

Our Boat Tape Ranges Explained

These adhesives are divided into clear groupings to make the right tape for your application easier to find. These ranges are made up on:

Butyl Tape

Our Butyl Tape range are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as: Sealing leaking pipes and chambers in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, self adhesive flashing, self adhesive sealing strips, for use during roof replacements, Downpipe repair, Flashing sealing T-bars, Sealing rooflights, Flashing off roofs, As a water resistant / waterproof roof sealant tape, Window sealant, External metal sheeting - sealing end and side laps in steel and aluminium roofing systems, Repairing liners, Joining liners, Sealing roof lights, Ridge and eaves sealing in combination with foam fillers Metal liner sheeting - sealing end laps, Sealing metal flashings, Sealing penetrations to roof and wall cladding, Rubber gaskets, Roof flashing tape, Roof beading Roof sealing, Roof sealant, Flexible sealing tape, Joint sealant, Sealing metal flashings, Washing machines, Waterproof Mastic tape for metal roofing Damp proof membranes and vapour control layers, and lots, lots more.

Masking Tapes

Our range of Masking Tape include our High Temperature Masking Tapes - which is high-temperature masking tape, designed to mask off surfaces up to temperatures of 120C - General Purpose Masking Tapes - which is a mid-performance paper masking tape. This tape will ensure clean peel on removal - and our Low Bake Masking Tapes - which are ideal for automotive professionals, enthusiasts and specialists, thanks to its resistance to paint thinners as well as lacquers; and it's the ability to be removed cleanly, without leaving any residue behind.

Cable Harnessing Tape

Our Wire Harnessing Tape range is a wire harness tape that has been designed to keep your wiring together and out of the way.

Coroplast Tape

Our range of Coropast Tape comes in 3 main variations. The 1238x Coroplast Heat Reflection Tape which is a superior heat reflection/shielding tape that has been tested to 3000 hours at 125C. Its short term temperature resistance has been measured at 240 hours at 175C. This product is designed to protect looms and harnesses in heat sensitive areas. Coroplast 837x tape, which is a PET coated cloth tape used for bundling cable and wire sets in automotive structures, due to the products excellent resistant to high and low temperatures. Lastly, 8551x Coroplast tape which is a Wire Harness Tape. This wire harness tape is designed to keep your wiring together and out of the way.

Self Amalgamating Polyisobutylene Tape

Our range of Self Amalgamating Polyisobutylene Tape is particularly good for pipe protection against corrosion and damage, Repairs leaking plumbing joints, water pipes, and garden hoses, for numerous caravan, camping and leisure activities, Emergency repairs to radiator / Engine hose and auto electronics.

Spray Adhesive & Spray Glue

Our range of Spray Adhesive & Spray Glue comes in a number of lines from some of the best spray adhesives from global spray glue manufacturers. These consist of commercial and industrial spray adhesives pots, canisters and intermediates, to the spray cans which are suitable for both: crafters and everyday arts and crafts.

PVC Tape

Our range of PVC Tape are ideal for the following use on a large number of carpet and other hardwood flooring options, electrical insulations, wiring, applications which require a self-extinguishing tape that conforms to BS3924 and is flame retardant, wire and cable wrapping, masking during the chemical plating process, colour coding and retaining protective pads and socks in contact sports and other similar applications.

How much does Boat Tape cost?

This type of tape can be quite cheap to buy, starting from as little as 1p / metre. Almost all of these come with bulk buying options. As a result, the more you buy, the more you save.

Bulk buying options available

If you are looking to buy these tapes in bulk, most options we have on offer come with bulk buying options.

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: Boat Tape suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: boat tapes & glues, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more about?

To find out even more technical information about boats please see this Wikipedia page.

Construction Spray Glues in Action

Demonstrating: L17 Hi Temperature Resistant Web Contact Spray Adhesive / Glue Pot - 22Litre | 22KG

Roofing Spray Glues in Action

Demonstrating: 22L H45 - KoolTherm Panel Spray Adhesive

Demonstrating: 22L H40 - Koolduct Joint Spray Adhesive

Upholstery Spray Glues in Action

Demonstrating: F40 - Aggressive Tack Spray Contact Adhesive Pot 22 Litre | 22KG