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Car Tapes, Automotive Tape, Glues & Adhesives

Car Tapes, Automotive Tape, Glues & Adhesives

What is Car Tapes, Automotive Tape, Glues & Adhesives?

Automotive adhesive tapes have been perfectly designed as a self-adhesive double-sided adhesive tape for cars and vehicles. Consequently, they are ideal as a car badge adhesive tape, decal mounting on cars, vans and other types of vehicles, automotive painting, both fine line, and high-temperature low bake versions, to heat reflection / shielding tape that has been tested to 3,000 hours at 1,250C.

Our automotive car tape comes in a wide range and are some of the best double sided tapes for cars. These include:

Automotive Double Sided Foam Tapes (Polyethylene)
These are perfectly designed as a self-adhesive double sided adhesive tape for cars, are ideal as a car badge adhesive tape or for decal mounting on cars, vans and other types of vehicles.

These automotive double sided tapes are made from a closed-cell polyethene foam double sided mounting tape for permanent bonding, mounting and fixing applications. These double tapes have been specifically designed for applications in the automotive aftercare market; however, it can be used for other suitable non-automotive applications as well.

Automotive Masking Tapes
Our automobile masking tapes are ideal for: custom painting, delicate masking or precision masking or getting a sharp line when masking out for a two-tone effect.

These automotive paper masking tapes are available in various widths, and the adhesive tape will ensure clean peel on removal. These have been designed to mask off surfaces up to temperatures of 120C.

Automotive Heat Reflection Tapes
This adhesive tape from Coroplast (1238x) is a superior heat reflection / shielding tape that has been tested to 3000 hours at 1,250C. Its short term temperature resistance has been measured at 240 hours at 1,750deg;C. This tape has been designed to protect looms and harnesses in heat-sensitive areas.

Automotive Tapes for Bundling Cable & Wire Sets
These cartapes from Coroplast (837x) are a PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) coated cloth tape used for bundling cable and wire sets in automotive structures, due to the products excellent resistant to high and low temperatures.

Automotive Harnessing Tapes
These automotive wire harnessing tapes are designed to keep your car wiring together and out of the way.

Self Amalgamating Polyisobutylene Tape
These self Amalgamating Polyisobutylene Tapes are particularly good for pipe protection against corrosion and damage, Repairs leaking plumbing joints, water pipes, and garden hoses, for numerous caravan, camping and leisure activities, Emergency repairs to radiator / Engine hose and auto electronics.

PVC Tape
These automotive PVC tapes are ideal for the following use on a large number of carpet and other hardwood flooring options, electrical insulations, wiring, applications which require a self-extinguishing tape that conforms to BS3924 and is flame retardant, wire and cable wrapping, masking during the chemical plating process, colour coding and retaining protective pads and other similar applications.

Automotive Spray Adhesive | Spray Glue
These Automotive Spray Adhesive and Spray Glues come in a number of lines from some of the best spray adhesives from global spray glue manufacturers. These consist of commercial and industrial spray adhesives pots, canisters and intermediates, to 500ml adhesive spray cans.

What are automotive tapes used for?

These self adhesive car tapes are ideal for being used for or with:

  1. Permanent badge or decal mounting on cars, vans and other types of vehicles
  2. Permanent bonding, mounting and fixing applications in the car industry
  3. Custom painting
  4. Delicate or precision masking
  5. Getting a sharp line when masking out for a two-tone effect
  6. Heat reflection / shielding tape
  7. Protect looms and harnesses in heat sensitive areas
  8. Bundling cable and wire sets
  9. Other similar applications

What are some of the features of automotive tapes?

Automotive tapes have a large number of features. Some of these are:

U.V light, chemical and plasticizer resistant acrylic adhesive
This tape has a great U.V, chemical and plasticizer resistance, making it ideal for use in areas of direct sunlight.

Humidity Resistant
High humidity has little effect on the adhesive performance of this tape.

Internal and External applications
This tape is ideal for a wide variety of applications both: internal and external.

Excellent all weather performance
The tape has excellent all weather performance withstanding both high and low temperatures.

How to apply automotive car tapes?

Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from grease and dirt, consequently, we recommended using a cleaning agent such as: Propan-2-ol.{IPA}.

Please note the manufacturer's safety instructions should be followed and customers are recommended to ensure compatibility of the solvent and their substrate. Ideal bonding substrates are those which are: clean, dry, flat, smooth, dust free and non-porous.

Low temperatures may increase the risk of condensation, reducing the tack of the product. As a result, life expectancy will vary with temperature and humidity.

These tapes may be applied by hand direct from a roll applying even pressure.

Industries these tapes are suited for

Automotive, space and marine

Industries these tapes are suited for

Wood, Fabrics, VOC H20, Easy Peel, High heat

Tape temperature range

These self adhesive tapes have a wide temprature range from -40C to +150C.

Bulk buying options available

If you are looking to buy these automotive tapes in bulk, every option we have on offer comes with bulk buying options. Simply put the more you buy, the more you save.

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are automotive and car adhesive tape Suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: car tapes, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive tape you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about Automotive pinstriping please see this Wikipedia page.

Don't take our word for it, see what some of our past customers have said about products in this range.

A sample of the reviews for Automotive Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape

Name: David

Prompt delivery, Very easy to apply with lots of adhesion. Should work great securing rubbing strips on my 1968 DS and save drilling holes in newly painted doors.
5 stars

A sample of the reviews for our Low Bake Masking Tape

Name: Sarah

Masking tape is masking tape, but ridiculously cheap and good quality. Overall, quick service and good value. I've "bookmarked" you and will be in touch for more soon, I hope! Regards Sarah
5 stars

Name: Stuart

So far it is a lot better than cheaper options. Would have been better for me in a smaller quantity. I would rate it 5 out of 5 but quite expensive.
5 stars

Name: Keith

Great service, great products, great price. What more can I say! definitely rate as 5.
5 stars

Name: Darren

Hi I give this tape 4 out of 5 as I find it very useful when painting in different environments internally or externally...whether glossing skirting boards to external soffits.... Can use this application when spay painting... For instance maintaining vehicles applying it to a surfaces not requiring paint.
4 stars

Questions asked about our Automotive Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape

Question: I need to fix an exterior door trim strip to my fiat 500 - would the automotive double sided polyethylene tape be the best for this? - Jonathan

Answer: Yes, these products are ideal providing the surfaces have both been cleaned with alcohol wipes. Just to degrease - Ian, Product Support Manager

Questions asked about our Fine line Masking Tape

Question: Hi, I'm looking for a fine line tape to use with resin (that's suitable up to 120 degrees) I'm looking to get both 3mm and 6mm, will this product cope with high temperatures? Many Thanks Danni

Answer: Hi Danni, the working temperature of this tape is 150 180C so it should be fine for your application Danni - Ian Product Support Manager

Question: Is this tape suitable for masking the grouting between wall tiles? I would like to paint some rather old fashioned tiles. Thank you, Sue

Answer: Hi Sue Thank you for this enquiry. The fine line masking tapes are normally used in Automotive applications and so used on high energy surfaces such as metal. I would, therefore, recommend trying the product for this application but would not be able to advise on its suitability - Ian, Product Support Manager

Question: Can I use Fine Line Masking Tape to re-apply plastic chrome car badges to the rear of my car? - James

Answer: Hi James, no you will need the automotive grade double sided foam tape, try this link - Ian, Product Support Manager

Questions asked about our Low Bake Masking Tape

Question: Hi, I am looking for a masking tape to stick on some turned steel components while another job is done to them, but need the masking tape to peel off very cleanly as cannot afford to start rubbing and scrapping and risk marking the underneath, would this tape be suitable. Also, it usually stays on for a couple of days. Thanks - Steven

Answer: Hi Steven, I would recommend using our blue 14-day masking tape for this application, as it guarantees clean peel for up to 14 days - Ian, Product Support Manager