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Butyl Tape | Flashing Tapes | Sealing Tapes

Butyl Tape | Flashing Tapes | Sealing Tapes

What is Butyl Tape | Flashing Tapes | Sealing Tapes?

Butyl Tape The Ultimate Guide - Sealing, Waterproofing, and Beyond

Butyl tape has become one of the leading products in the adhesive and sealant industry, and it is known for providing excellent sealing characteristics, versatility, and durability.

Here is a detailed guide to butyl tape, its uses, advantages, and some required butyl tape selection and application tips.

And, of course, if you are a professional in the field of construction or automotive or just a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then the knowledge of butyl tape capabilities will give you all the answers to sealing problems.

What is Butyl Tape?

Due to the strong adhesive nature and high flexibility of butyl tape, this has become a first and natural choice for sealing applications across all types of industries.

Its unique composition, based on butyl rubber, provides matchless waterproofing characteristics. It is perfect for preventing leaks and the passage of moisture in a wide variety of settings.

Third-Party Videos of Butyl Tape in Use

Please note: These videos are for informational purposes only, and the tapes used may be different variations than the ones we directly supply.

Types of Butyl Tapes supplied

We can supply flashing, sealing and GCA butile mastic tapes.

What are Butyl sealing tapes used for?

Our double-sided butyl sealant tapes are relatively odour free & ideal for joining membranes used in the building and construction industry to prevent the passage of water and or air. An example of this is for damp-proof membranes and vapour control layers. These are, in essence, a butyl tape sealants.

What are Flashing tapes used for?

These Butyl Rubber Self Adhesive Flashing Tapes are self-adhesive tapes which are relatively odour free & ideal for the following uses:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems - sealing leaking pipes and chambers
  • Caravans - for sealing leaking panels
  • The building & construction industry - flashing, repairing gutters and down pipes
  • Conservatory construction and repair - flashing the roof and sealing T-bars
  • Roofing & cladding - flashing off roofs
  • Pond / fish / wildlife and aquatic uses

These tapes tend to be water-resistant and waterproof.

Why use GCA tapes?

GCA Butyle Sealant Putty Tapes are relatively odour free and tend to be high-performance based. Consequently, they are ideal for external metal sheeting - sealing end and side laps in steel and aluminium roofing systems - sealing roof lights, ridge and eaves sealing in combination with foam fillers, metal liner sheeting - sealing end laps, sealing metal flashings, sealing penetrations to roof and wall cladding and similar applications.

These tapes tend to be National Federation of Roofing Contractors Class A Certified and are excellent seal tapes.

These are suitable for steel and aluminium roofing systems and are Building Regulations Approved Document Part L Standard.

These double-sided butyl strips come in a putty-like consistency, making them easy to apply and mould into position.

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A sample of the Reviews for some of our flashing tapes in this range

Name: Graeme

Your flashing tape is handy if we supply steel building kits. It provides a permanent solution to windblown water ingress, sealing old structures and cleaning up joints that users have abused in some way. All in all, I keep a roll in the car as part of my emergency kit.
5 stars

Name: Brian

I would give 5 out of 5 and not go on a job without the grey or white butyl flashing in my toolbox.
5 stars

Name: Manoj

Score of 5.
5 stars

A sample of the Reviews for some of our sealing tapes in this range

Name: James

Brilliant product.
5 stars

Name: Paul

Hi Great Service, packed well received very quickly. Perfect product for the job sealing laps on roofing sheets, very easy to use.
5 stars

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