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Tissue Tape

Tissue Tape

What is Tissue Tape?

Tissue tape is ideal for: Light applications, applications which require mounting or framing, many craft applications, foam lamination, arts and crafts, crafting, card making, wall collages, wedding stationers / stationary, Wedding invitations, Point of Sale (POS), applications which require splicing, print finishing, rubber applications, they can be used as a general purpose double sided tape, and many other similar applications.

These tapes are sourced from one of the leading global tissue tape manufacturers - Essentra Speciality Tapes.

Third Party Video's of Tissue Tape in use

Please note: These videos are for informational purposes only, and the tapes used may be different variations than the ones we directly supply.

What are High Tack Tissue Tapes used for?

Our High tack double sided / coated tissue tapes with a solvent acrylic adhesive, are ideal for light applications that require mounting and framing, such as those in the crafts, Point of Sale (POS), and the wedding industries.

They are hand tearable or easily cuttable via standard scissors, have good conformity, and come with a stable liner. Suitable for lamination of foam.

What are High Tack Double Sided Tissue Tapes with Fingerlift Edge used for?

These High Tack Double Sided Tissue Tapes with Fingerlift Edge are ideal for use with / as Print finishing, POS, foam applications, rubber applications, bonds, glass, metals, paper, board, textiles, some plastics, most foams, most rubbers, and other similar applications.

They are hand tearable or easily cuttable via standard scissors, have good conformity, and come with a stable liner.

Which Manufacturer supplies these tissue tapes?

These tissue tapes are sourced from Essentra Speciality Tapes, one of the leading, well trusted and global tissue tape manufacturers.

Available in multiple sizes

These tissue tapes are available in a multitude of sizes. Some of these being:
Very High Tack Double Sided Tissue Tapes:

  • 3mm x 50 Metres
  • 6mm x 50 Metres
  • 9mm x 50 Metres
  • 12mm x 50 Metres
  • 25mm x 50 Metres
  • 32mm x 50 Metres
  • 40mm x 50 Metres
  • 50mm x 50 Metres
  • 75mm x 50 Metres
  • 100mm x 50 Metres
  • 166mm x 50 Metres
  • 330mm x 50 Metres
  • 1000mm x 50 Metres

Double Sided Tissue Tape with Fingerlift Edge:

  • 6/12mm x 50 Metres
  • 12/18mm x 50 Metres
  • 18/24mm x 50 Metres

Bulk buying options available

If you are looking to buy these tissue tapes in bulk, every option we have on offer comes with bulk buying options.

Tissue Tape Uses

These flashing, sealing and GCA adhesive mastic beading strips are ideal for being used for or with:

  1. Light applications
  2. Applications which require mounting
  3. Applications which require framing
  4. Many craft applications
  5. Foam lamination
  6. Arts and crafts
  7. Card making
  8. Wall collages
  9. Wedding stationers / stationary
  10. Wedding invitations
  11. Point of Sale (POS)
  12. Applications which require splicing
  13. Print finishing
  14. Crafting
  15. Foam applications
  16. Rubber applications
  17. Can be used as a general purpose double sided tape
  18. Similar applications

What types of surfaces can tapes in this range bond to?

Tapes in this range are excellent for bonding to:

  • Bonds
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Paper
  • Board
  • Textiles
  • Some plastics - contact us if you require more information
  • Most foams
  • Most rubbers

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: tissue tape suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: tissue tapes, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more about Tissue Tape?

To find out even more technical information about tissue tape please see this Wikipedia page.

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A sample of the Reviews for some of our tissue tapes in this range

Name: Jill

Fantastic quality and great price. This tape is so easy to use as it gives you a lifting tab at each side so there is no difficulty removing the backing. Another plus is that it tears easily so if you don't have scissors to hand there's no problem. I score it 5 out of 5. Many thanks.
5 stars

Don't take our word for it, see what some of our past customers have said about products in this range.

Name: Lesley

Hi ,this Tape is brilliant , firm hold you can rely on.Brilliant for craft purposes.
5 stars

Name: Bharrison

As a supplier of wedding stationery I am always looking for products that will enable me to achieve a professional standard, and this tissue tape without doubt is the best I have ever used and extremely good value for money. I would rate 5 out of 5!
5 stars

Name: Linda

As a wedding stationer i'm always on the look-out for great adhesives and this double sided tape is spot on. It's super high tack which is so important for my purposes and it holds so amazingly well. I've stopped looking for a better product as i've decided after many weeks of use this is the one for me. I will definitely be back for variations of this tape in different widths. Score 5 out of 5 no problem!
5 stars

Name: Shirley

Just wanted to say I think your products are brilliant - I brought the tissue tape and red liner tape. I make handmade cards and these products are a must have in any crafters stash. I will definitely be coming back to purchase more! Thank you for products that are quality (actually stick!) and a great competitive price. Cheers.
5 stars

Name: Beverley

I purchased the 3mm x 50m very high tack double sided tissue tape for my business making wedding invitations and stationery. The product is excellent and extremely good value for money, and I would highly recommend it with a score of 5 out of 5!
5 stars

Name: George

i bought that tape for a wallpaper 2,6 x 3,5 m (12 separate sheets).it worked like magic, i really love the tape and is good to have some in house, " just in case".
5 stars

Name: Jackie

Product was excellent and perfect for POS.
5 stars

Name: Karen

Very high tack double sided tissue tape in all the widths was an absolute star find. I tried so many reels from other sources which have been a disappointment. I am absolutely only using this tape for all my needs if I could score higher than 5 stars I would! The very high tack has great strong hold and is easy to use. Due to a disability I do need to cut the tape rather than tear which works well for me. The backing/carrier tape is easy to remove and doesnt rip or feather. Its also easy to find the edge on the reel and the core is sturdy meaning the tape doesnt go out of shape or buckle. Value for money is brilliant for such a high quality item plus customer service and product knowledge is great from the PSA team and always super fast dispatch and delivery times too.
5 stars

Name: Hilary

ThIs excellent product arrived the following morning and we are very pleased with it. 5 stars
5 stars

Questions asked about tapes in this range

Please could you tell me if this tape will make a reasonable bond between a brand new sheet of MDF and a new piece of baize material? Many thanks - Peter

Thank you for your enquiry, our Double Sided Pure Acrylic Tissue Tape may be a more suitable, adhesive although you may have to seal the MDF with some watered down PVA adhesive first - Ian, Product Support Manager