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This website uses cookies and other tracking technologies in a number of ways, these are listed below:

Aggregated site usage statistics this allows us to monitor what is happening on our site; but, in regards to this tracking, we do not track any information that can identify you as an individual and it is all sent and added together with other users data. This in no way whatsoever compromises your data protection rights, in facts it helps to protect you more as an individual. We do this so we can see how people use our website in a general sense. Some examples of this include; what pages are most popular, the number of visitors on the site, how long people stay on each page, how many people make it through our checkout - these are all used so we can remove or improve areas which are potentially frustrating you. This list does not include all the areas we track as part of aggregated site usage statistics but is intended to give you an idea. No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is tracked in regards to this.

Essential and Complementary Site Features this website uses cookies to enable site features such as the checkout process and login area so your details are kept securely, and to comply with Data Protection.

This website uses cookies to collect information on products you may be interested in and on actions which you have carried out on the site. This information is used to customise adverts that you see around the internet in order that you are presented with adverts which will be of the greatest interest to you, over irrelevant adverts, such as preventing hair loss, or quick cash scams, that are not.

If you do not wish to see these adverts after you leave our website, you can click the blue triangle in the top right column of the advert and choose to stop being served these adverts. The control is always yours even when you leave our website.

Blocking cookies will seriously effect the functionality of this and other websites, and if we can help to reassure you over anything we do please do not hesitate to contact us.

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