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Filter Tapes & Blanking Tapes

Filter Tape For Polycarbonate Sheet

Filter Tape For Polycarbonate Sheet

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PSA6000 Grey Spunbond Filter Tape is used to cover the end flutes of polycarbonate sheet, allowing the sheet to breathe and so preventing the build up of condensation.

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What are Filter Tapes & Blanking Tapes?

We supply a range of blanking and filter tapes which are ideally used to: seal the exposed flutes of polycarbonate sheets, such as those used in: conservatory roof and carport roof systems.

The polycarbonate sheet can either be sealed at both ends with: Filter Tape, or more commonly the bottom end of the sheet can be sealed with filter tape whilst the top end is sealed with a blanking tape.

This will allow air to flow freely through the polycarbonate sheet and so preventing a build up of condensation which can prove unsightly. The taped ends also prevent the ingress of dust and debris keeping the roof nice and clear.

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: Filter and Blanking Tapes Suppliers, based in: Leicestershire, UK. We have a large range of: Filter and Blanking Tapes, in our premises close to: Leicester City, ready to be despatched normally within 2-3 days.

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