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Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes

Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes

What is Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes?

Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes are ideal for as a double glazing bundle, which contains all you need for fixing: Secondary Double Glazing Perspex, onto Existing Window Frames, to high-performance Security Glazing Tape which is a are closed cell Polyolefin foam tape - with a unique differential adhesive system. This adhesive system is specifically designed for window - UPVC and other variations - and door glazing applications, and similar applications.

These tapes are sourced from one of the leading global cloth tape manufacturers.

Our Security & Secondary Glazing Tapes range is separated into several lines. These being:

Secondary Glazing Attachment Kits
These Magnetic Secondary Glazing Attachment Kits are a secondary magnetic double glazing bundle, which contains all you need for fixing: Secondary Double Glazing Perspex, onto Existing Window Frames. This bundle is ideal alternative to double glazing, which is cheaper, and easier to install.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 5 Metre
  • 15 Metre

Security Glazing Tapes For Sealed Units
These glazing tapes are a high-performance Security Glazing Tape which is a are closed cell Polyolefin foam tape - with a unique differential adhesive system. This adhesive system is specifically designed for window - UPVC and other variations - and door glazing applications.

The exposed side of this high-performance glazing tape adhesive is specifically designed for adhesion to PVC and other low surface energy sash and frame materials.

The liner side adhesive is specifically designed for adhesion to glass and the surface specific adhesive provide optimum performance, weather resistance, and durability.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 10mm x 0.8mm x 50 Metre
  • 12mm x 4.8mm x 18 Metre
  • 12mm x 3.2mm x 26 Metre

Buy in bulk and save

All the tapes in this range come with bulk buying options - therefore the more you buy, the more you save.

Glazing Tape Features

  • Optimum compatibility and performance with: PVC, aluminium, wood, and other window and door systems
  • High density foam - provides: excellent structural, sealant, and durability properties
  • Differential Adhesive system - provides: optimum surface compatibility improving security
  • Immediate bond - eliminates: production, handling, and shipping delays
  • Dimensional stability - eliminates: sealant flow, pump out and clean out
  • Exceeds A.A.M.A Specification #810.1-92. Type 1 for Cellular Glazing Tapes

The magnetic secondary glazing kit bundle comes with our:

White Faced Steel Tape with Premium Adhesive Backing
This is a self-adhesive steel tape, which is a fully lacquered steel tape finished in white. This tape has a premium adhesive backing on one side and is ideal for: sticking to non-steel - or non magnetic - surfaces so that magnets can then be attached to this steel tape.

Magnetic Tape with White Foamed Adhesive Backing
This tape is a magnetic adhesive tape has a 1.5mm thick magnetic layer; but, with a foamed-acrylic adhesive.

This foamed adhesive will allow for differential rates of expansion and contraction between dissimilar materials under more extreme conditions.

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: Security & Secondary Glazing Tape Supplier, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: Glazing Tapes, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more?

To find out even more technical information about glazing please see this Wikipedia page.

Questions previously asked about tapes in this range

Question: Many thanks for your fast delivery, which colour goes on the secondary glazing and which goes on the window frame, many thanks - Dutch

Answer: Hi Dutch, The steel tape goes on the window frame after you have carefully removed the pink release liner that protects the adhesive. Then the thicker brown mag tape with white foamed backing goes onto the perspex after you have carefully removed the blue protective carrier - Ian, Product Support Manager

Question: Hi, Do you have tape that will stick to acrylic sheets and stick to steel Crittall windows? - Live Chat

Answer: We have a few products that would suit... is the acrylic transparent? - Ian, Product Support Manager

Question: Yes. I'm trying to fit secondary glazing using acrylic to Crittall Windows. I thought I could get some tape that would be adhesive and stick it to the acrylic and then the other side would be magnetic and stick to the steel windows - Live Chat

Answer: Have you seen [this product], this kit gives you a magnetic tape with a white adhesive to bond onto the clear acrylic and a white-faced steel tape to adhere to the window frame everything then appears white in finish whether the sheet is in place or not - Ian, Product Support Manager

Question: I can see how this would work but this requires two reels. One to stick to the acrylic and one to stick to the crittall window then the two magnetic sides make the connection. Is it not possible to use just one magnetic tape stuck to the acrylic that uses the magnetic side to stick to the steels of the Crittall Window? - Live Chat

Answer: You can try that yes... use the foamed magnetic tape though hope this helps - Ian, Product Support Manager

Question: Hello, I wish to install secondary glazing using acrylic panels and would like to know if your product PSA3500A is suitable. Would I need to stick the tape to the acrylic panels AND the window frame? - George

Answer: Hi George, these secondary glazing kits Have been put together for the easy installation of acrylic sheet for secondary glazing. The kit comprises of a cleaning wipe and surface preparation guide. The steel tape has a white face, and so this is normally applied to the frame. The magnetic tape also has a white foamed adhesive, so if you apply this to the acrylic sheet you will only see white surface through the sheet. Kind Regards - Ian, Product Support Manager

Question: Hello, I am looking to buy the secondary glazing kit so I can get some extra warmth ready for next winter. Will the steel tape be okay fixing to painted wooden window frames? I know I will need to clean them first etc but wanted to check before I buy as will need 15m! Thank you in advance, Harriet

Answer: Hi Harriet, yes it will. All the best - Ian, Product Support Manager

Don't take our word for it, see what some of our past customers have said about products in this range.

A sample of the Reviews for some of our Glazing Tapes in this range

Name: Ian

Top prompt service with speedy dispatch, ant fault them , Definitely give them a 5 for product ,service and value.
5 stars

Name: Stuart

Great service, easy, quick and good quality.
5 stars

Name: Brian

Hi, I had never heard about this product but found it by searching Google. It made fitting acrylic temporary secondary glazing a doddle. Clean, easy to use and discrete in appearance. Be wary of large window areas as the weight can take over! Best wishes Rick
5 stars

Name: Mark

I've been using this kit to fix secondary (perspex) glazing in my house. The whole job is going well, and the tapes seem to be high quality and to adhere well. It's quite time-consuming to do (fixing all the tapes), but one gets quicker and more accurate with practice. The magnetic attraction between the metal tape (on the window frame) and the magnetic tape (on the perspex panel) is certainly sufficient to hold fairly large, 3 mm thick, panels in place. But they are also easy to remove when you need to. Best of all, it's already obvious that the glazing is doing the trick: condensation has disappeared on those windows that I've done so far. Presumably, heat loss is also reduced, so overall I'm well pleased.
5 stars

Name: Ray

Ideal for attaching double glazing to our sash windows, and much cheaper than buying it from the suppliers of the polycarbonate sheeting we used.
5 stars

Name: Christopher

A great little kit for small scale secondary glazing job. The tapes are easy to cut and apply, and the quality is great and lasts well (so far - I've used this product before so came straight back when I needed to fit more secondary glazing). psa do a good price and fast delivery too. 5 out of 5
5 stars