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Butyl Tapes - Both Flashing & Sealing Tapes

What are Butyl Tapes - Both Flashing & Sealing Tapes?

Our range of Butyl flashing tape sealants are ideal for: joining membranes used in the building and construction industry to prevent the passage of water - and or air - for example for damp proof membranes and vapour control layers, HVAC – sealing leaking pipes and chambers, caravans – sealing leaking panels, building & construction – flashing and repairing gutters and downpipes, conservatories - flashing the roof and sealing T-bars.

As well as this our Butyl tape products are also ideal for: external metal sheeting – sealing end and side laps in steel and aluminium roofing systems, sealing roof lights, ridge and eaves sealing in combination with foam fillers, metal liner sheeting.

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: Butyl Flashing & Sealing Tape Suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK. We have a large range of: Butyl Flashing & Sealing Tapes, in our warehouse, ready to be despatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for please contact our friendly sales team.

To find out more about Butyl see this Wikipedia page.