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60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

PSA068A is one of the best very strong polypropylene jointing tape, and its ultra strong acrylic adhesive makes it an ideal product for bonding to Tyvek sheeting/curtains, seaming most major housewraps, and plastic sheeting. Read the full product description

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

Additional product images

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape

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PSA code: PSA068A | Manufacturer: 3M | Product condition: New | Stock status: In stock

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Image of 60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape60mm x 50 Metre Tyvek Joint / Construction Seaming Tape
PSA Code: PSA068A
Buy in bulk and save
1 Roll Only: £18.88
Excluding VAT (tax): £15.73
Price / Metre: £0.31

Tyvek Sheathing Tape, PSA068B, is a very strong cold weather polypropylene sheathing / construction seaming tape, and its ultra-strong acrylic adhesive makes it an ideal product as a house wrap, or jointing Tyvek sheeting, seaming most major house wraps, and plastic sheeting.

This jointing tape performs well in cold temperatures as well as high heat and humidity conditions and features an aggressive, UV resistance, and high tack adhesive for a quick stick.

It's product construction is made up of a BOPP liner, and an acrylic adhesive, with a Red, white and transparent colours.

Application uses

This tape is ideal for the following and similar applications:

  1. Seaming most housewraps
  2. Seaming plastic
  3. Closure system and vapour seal on interior and exterior sheathing materials
  4. Seam tape on extruded foam products
  5. Applies to all major house wraps

Technical information

Typical Value Typical Value (Metric) Test Method
Note: The following technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.
Product Thickness 3.0 mils 0.08 mm PSTC-133
Peel Adhesion 45 oz/in 12.5 N/25 mm PSTC-101
Shear Adhesion >24 hrs @ 2.2 psi >24 hrs @ 15.2 kPa PSTC-107
Tensile Strength 20 lb/in 90.4 N/25 mm PSTC-131
Elongation 130% 130% PSTC-131
WVTR 0.06 perm 0.06 perm ASTM E96
Service Temperature 40 to 185F 40 to 85C

Storage information

Store in a clean, dry place, with a temperature between 40F - 80F (4C - 26C) and 40 to 50% relative humidity are recommended.

Shelf Life

To obtain best performance, use this product within 12 months.

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Sacha Emery

I've used it on Rubber shield housewrap (the green stuff) and when it sticks, it really sticks - I had a piece across the top of the doorway half on the wood and half on a section of housewrap that's about 1.8m tall and 1.5m wide.

Even across xmas with all the rain, it still held firm.

Can't recommend it enough - so good I bought more even though I'm not sure I need it anymore - really good to temporarily seal off those openings.

Note : Since this is red, if you leave it on any surface with sun exposure, the colour will leach through - easy to clean off with methylated spirits and elbow grease.

5 Stars


We would score this product 5- out of 5. It was perfect for the job my husband was doing. Many thanks

5 Stars

Sarah Erskine

Really useful tape ~ lasts ages!

5 Stars


Thais tape was awesome. Very adhesive and easy to use in even less than ideal conditions.

5 Stars