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50mm x 50 Metre High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminium Flue Pipe Foil Tape

PSA3243CW is ideal for: Electrical work, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems, the construction industry, sealing off vapours in fibreglass duct board and sheet metal ducts, a flue pipe closure... Read the full product description

Image of 50mm x 50 Metre High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminium Flue Pipe Foil Tape

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Image of 50mm x 50 Metre High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminium Flue Pipe Foil Tape

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PSA code: PSA3243CW | Manufacturer: 3M | Product condition: New | Stock status: In stock

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Image of 50mm x 50 Metre High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminium Flue Pipe Foil Tape50mm x 50 Metre High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminium Flue Pipe Foil Tape
PSA Code: PSA3243CW
Buy in bulk and save
1 Roll Only: £28.52
Excluding VAT (tax): £23.77
Price / Metre: £0.48

PSA3243CW is a 50mm x 50 Metre 50 Micron High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminium Foil self adhesive Duct Tape (2.0mils). This self adhesive tape has been specifically designed for closure of high heat flue'; but, may also be used as a heat shield when welding.

The patented adhesive system, makes it ideal for bonding at low and high temperatures; as well as environments of high humidity. Consequently, this foil tape is constructed specifically for use in extreme environments. This tape has been field tested for applications in temperatures as low as -104F (-40C) and stable up to 414F (218C).

The fact this aluminum foil tape is ideal for extreme environments, ensures secure, reliable bonding in all conditions. As well as being secure and reliable, this foil tape continues to self cross-link after application. What this means to you, is that the bond strength increases over time and ensures secure and reliable splices.

Product Construction

Aluminium foil, Acrylic pressure sensitive Adhesive, release liner

Product uses:

This High Temperature Cold Weather Aluminum Foil tape is ideal for the following uses:

  • Electrical work,
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems,
  • The construction industry,
  • Sealing off vapours in fiberglass duct board and sheet metal ducts,
  • A flue pipe closure tape,
  • Wrapping high temperature sensitive materials such as: insulation cables and insulation instruments.

Ideal for jobs requiring the following:

Moisture resistance

Our 'cold start' patented acrylic adhesive is solvent based and resistant to Moisture. What this means to you, is that can be applied even in cold damp conditions.

Chemical resistance

Our 'cold start' patented acrylic adhesive is solvent based and resistant to chemicals when in situ.

Flame resistance

Our 'cold start' patented acrylic adhesive is solvent based and flame resistant being class 'O' Certified. This certification means this tape has an added level of protection where limited combustibility is required in high-risk areas.

Thermal conductivity

Our 'cold start' foil range is ideal when heat reflectance and thermal conductivity are required. These products are formulated to protect sensitive components in various applications.

Heat reflectance

Our 'cold start' acrylic foil tapes are perfect for heat shielding in demanding applications. In situ the product will help shield components sensitive to heat.

Good in bad weather

The ultimate in all weather tapes. This tape excels in demanding temperatures from -40C to 120C.

Main features of the 50 Micron Aluminum Foil Tape include:

Solvent based adhesive

As a result of this foil tape being a solvent based adhesive it provides an immediate waterproofing protection after application, even before they have dried. This means rain hitting this foil tape after it has been applied is not a big issue.

This tape is also not damaged by freezing temperatures and better adheres to porous surfaces.

Ready to use

No on site extra additives are required to apply this tape.

Excellence adhesion to wood based sheathings

Ideal for light commercial products where an excellent adhesion is required.

High temperature closure tape

This 50 Micron high temperature foil tape is ideal when you require a high performance duct closure tape as this solvent acrylic adhesive performs well over a wide temperature range.

Additional information


This tape should ideally be stored at temperatures of 16C to 25C.

Please note:

This aluminum foil tape is not suitable for use with attaching Polystyrene to Polystyrene or for use with mesh.

50 Micron Foil tape technical details

Technical dataImperialMetric
Product thickness3.3 mils0.08 mm
Backing thickness1.75 mils0.04 mm
Peel adhesion45 oz/in12.5N/25 mm
Sheer adhesion>24 hrs @ 2.2 psi>24 hrs @ 15.2 kPa
Tensile strength21 lb/in94.9N/25 mm
Service Temperature-40F to 250 F-40C to 121 C

Application guide

Surface preparation is paramount for achieving the required bond when using this pressure sensitive adhesive. Read our Surface Preparation and Application Guide for more information on how to apply this foil tape.

Require the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this foil tape?

If you require the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this aluminum foil tape please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to send it to you.

Do you require a Certificate of Conformance and traceability?

If you require a Certificate of Conformance, please contact us after ordering (either by phone or email) and we will get this sent out to you with your order.

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Product Questions

  • do you sell circular shaped patches? - Live Chat
  • Hello, these are not standard but we can convert a wide range if products. Can I ask what product you are looking for and what the application is please - Ian, Product Support Manager
  • its the aluminium foil tape the application is for an exhaust - Live Chat
  • The conversion is volume driven, so would be subject to large quantities. The most economical way would be to take in roll format. I would also suggest the PSA3243 [this] product, which is a high temperature foil - Ian, Product Support Manager
  • Ok cheers - Live Chat

Reviews for this product from confirmed past customers

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Peter Strange

Excellent product. Very heavy foil, easy to apply and sticks firmly to stove pipe. Due to the weight of the tape, it has no tendency to curl round during application and stick to itself. 5 out of 5.

5 Stars

Beverly Cameron-Cook

Hi,I'm very pleased with this product,it's been wrapped around the silicone sealed joints on flue pipes for 4 stoves.It firmed up the pipes considerably and the external pipework has been hit with heavy rain and gales after just a few hours but all stuck nicely.A very good product with lots of possible uses.

5 Stars