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500ml EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 Glue Two Component Acrylic Cement

PSA70 Tensol 70 Glue is ideal for: Sign making, Model making, Structural engineering and acrylic sheet repair. Tensol 70 is a 2-Part Acrylic Cement which cures at standard temperatures to create a high strength bonds - especially for use with acrylic sheet - while offering excellent weathering resistance.
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PSA code: PSA70 | Manufacturer: Bostik | Product condition: New | Stock status: In stock

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Image of 500ml EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 Glue Two Component Acrylic Cement500ml EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 Glue Two Component Acrylic Cement
PSA Code: PSA70
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PSA70, EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 is a two component acrylic cement, that hardens at room temperature by polymerisation. It produces high strength bonds to: acrylic sheet, and offers excellent weathering resistance.

Application information

EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 is intended for cementing acrylic sheet to itself; but, it will bond acrylic sheet to other materials such as: wood. On top of this: unsupported gaps of up to 1mm can be produced.

Applications for this adhesive include:

  • Sign making
  • Highly effective in external applications
  • Model making
  • Contains a solvent free, clear adhesive
  • Structural engineering and acrylic sheet repair
  • ideal for bonding
  • Excellent gap filling properties
  • Creates a strong clear bond
  • Water tight joins
  • Excellent weathering resistance

Please be aware that EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 is not recommended for: structural applications on aircraft.

Surface preparation information

Substrates to be bonded should be: perfectly clean, dry and free from dust and grease.

How to use Tensol 70

EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 Component A, must be at room temperature i.e. 16C - 20C. If it has been stored below 15C it must be allowed to come to room temperature before use. This could take several hours.

Mixing Ratio By Weight

ComponentMixing parts
EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 Component A20 parts
EVO-PLAS Tensol 70 Component B1 part

The cement will not harden properly if different proportions are used.

Add Component B to Component A and mix thoroughly, after mixing cover the vessel and leave until the larger bubbles have risen to the surface.

The bubbles should be allowed to rise and the job completed within 20 minutes of adding Component B, hardening begins as soon as Component B is added, if not used within 20 minutes the bond will be weakened.

Cementing operations should not be undertaken at temperatures below 15C otherwise the setting time may be affected. Ideally the room temperature should be 15 - 25 C.

Setting begins as soon as Component B is added, the cement should harden within 1.5 - 2 hours at 20+/- 5C, after this time the joint can be handled carefully. Light machining is possible after approx. 4 hours; but, a better finish and stronger joint will be obtained if left for 24 hours.

Once set the cement continues to harden for some time - after several days the bond strength should be adequate for most applications. However, the strength of joints can be increased further by: heat treatment

  • Non thermoformed components - heat for 3 - 4 hours at 80C
  • Thermoformed, highly stretched components - heat for 4 - 5 hours at 70C
  • Do not heat components until at least 1 hour after cement has set

Gap filling - Because of its low viscosity the gap filling properties of Tensol 70 are limited. Special masking techniques will be needed to keep the cement in place if large gaps are to be filled. In addition the cement shrinks in volume by Approx. 20% as it hardens so cavities must be over filled to allow for this

If Component B becomes deeply coloured (yellow or orange) the hardening time should be tested by mixing a small amount of the two components. Obtain a new bottle of Component B if the cement is slow to set.

Storage information

Component A - store in the dark in a dry flame proof area below 20C.

Component B - store in the dark at 0C - 5C. At lower temperatures component B may crystallise out of solution. It is important that all solid deposits are re-dissolved before use. This should be done by carefully by warming to Approx. 20C and shaking.

Shelf life information

12 months from date of manufacture stored under the above conditions.

Preparation advice

Surface preparation is paramount for achieving the required bond when using this pressure sensitive adhesive. Read our Surface Preparation and Application Guide for more information.

Not sure if Tensol 70 is right for your requirements of required the Material Safety Data Sheet?

If you are not sure if this Two Component Cement is right for your requirements please contact our friendly sales team, and we will be happy to help.

Technical information

Technical DescriptionComponent AComponent B
Physical FormMobile syrupLiquid
ColourSlight blue tingePale straw
Chemical TypeAcrylicPeroxide
Viscosity (Brookfield RVT, 10rpm at 25C)Approx. 1500 mPas
Solids Content100%Approx. 5%
Specific GravityApprox. 1.03Approx. 1.2
FlammabilityHighly Flammable

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