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Paper Masking Tapes

Paper Masking Tapes

What is Paper Masking Tapes?

Our range of paper masking tapes includes: High Temperature Masking Tapes - which is a high temperature masking tape, designed to mask off surfaces up to temperatures of 120°C - General Purpose Masking Tapes - which is a mid performance paper masking tape. This tape will ensure clean peel on removal - and our Low Bake Masking Tapes - which are ideal for automotive professionals, enthusiasts and specialists, thanks to its resistance to paint thinners as well as lacquers; and it's ability to be removed cleanly, without leaving any residue behind.

Paper Masking Tapes uses

Our range of paper masking tapes includes tapes which are idea for:

  • High temperatures
  • Automotive professionals, enthusiasts and specialists
  • Clean peel applications

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are: Paper Masking Tape Suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: Paper Masking Tapes, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more?

To find out even more technical information about paper masking tapes please see this Wikipedia page.