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3M Black Dual Lock Hook and Loop Tape | Lock and Loop Tape

3M Black Dual Lock Hook and Loop Tape | Lock and Loop Tape

What is 3M Black Dual Lock Hook and Loop Tape | Lock and Loop Tape?

Black Dual Lock Hook and Loop tape is ideal for: for aircraft, automotive, business equipment, electronics, while being excellent for resisting harsh wet or dry conditions. They are also ideal for hot and cold washing cycles0 These tapes are also known as: Lock & Loop tapes.

We supply some of the best sticky adhesive hook and loop tapes from some of the world's leading global manufacturers.

These adhesive-backed hook (Male) and loop (Female) material rolls are sticky-back Self Adhesive Hook & Loop Tapes which have a general-purpose adhesive that is recommended for smooth surfaces, and for indoor or outdoor use, and is ideal for non-sewing applications. This adhesive also makes them extremely easy to apply and use, and these rolls are machine washable.

These tapes are also known as hook and eye tapes, of hook and loop fasteners.

These hook and loops are supplied in rolls which are easily stored and give you the flexibility to cut the length you require.

This makes it ideal for use on items such as rowing machines, walls and in the Exhibition & Point of Sale, other industrial industries, as well as making this product perfect for use on low energy surfaces; including Polystyrene, Acetyl, PVA (polyvinyl acetate) or Polypropylene & Teflon.

When you use this self-adhesive tape it is as simple to peel away the release paper and press down the adhesive into place.

Third Party Video's of 3M Dual Lock Tape in use

Please note: These videos are for informational purposes only, and the tapes used may be different variations than the ones we directly supply.

Black Dual Lock Hook and Loop Application uses

Our Dual Lock & Loop Tape are ideal for:

  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Business equipment
  • Electronics
  • Hot and cold washing cycles

Buy in bulk and save

All the hook loop rolls in this range come with bulk buying options - therefore the more you buy, the more you save.

How much do 3M Black Dual Lock Hook and Loop Tape Cost?

These hook loop rolls are cheap costing from only 8 / role.

Hook and Loop Fasteners applications and uses

These fastener tapes have a wide variety of attaching uses and can adhere to a great number of surfaces. Some of these uses / surfaces they can adhere to are:

  • Polythene sheet
  • Rowing machines
  • Walls
  • Displays
  • Display boards
  • Exhibitions
  • Indoor use
  • Bath panels
  • Fastening tape
  • Carpets
  • Hanging items
  • Office notice boards
  • Exhibitions graphics
  • Model planes and aircraft
  • Curtains
  • Heavy duty hook tape
  • Hanging curtains onto UPVC
  • Sticking on to boxes
  • Attaching roman blinds
  • Attaching venetian blinds
  • Outdoor use
  • General fasteners
  • Point of Sale
  • Hanging posters on to a wall
  • Commercial hook loop tape
  • Industrial strength hook loop tape industries
  • Perfect for use on low energy surfaces; including:
    Acetyl PVA (polyvinyl acetate)
  • Similar applications

We supply Sticky Adhesive Hook & Loop Rolls in the following sizes

  • 25mm Self Adhesive Black Dual Lock Rolls - VHB Adhesive
  • 25mm Self Adhesive Black Dual Lock Rolls - Rubber Adhesive

Who are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions?

PSA Solutions Ltd, are black dual lock hook and loop fastener suppliers, based in Leicestershire, UK.

We have a large range of: adhesive hook and loop tapes, in our Leicester warehouse, ready to be dispatched - normally - within 2-3 days.

So if you can not see the adhesive you are looking for contact our friendly sales team for free advice.

Where can I find out more?

To find out even more technical information about hook and loop fasteners please see this Wikipedia page.

Images of our 3M Dual Lock Strips

Open side upClose up of the hookClose up of the hook and loop